Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. what is Ewealth concept?
Ans: eWealthconcept is an ICT firm founded in 2012 with an interest in developing products that will help young people become their own bosses.

2. Who are the management of this company?
Ans: The founder is Mr. Nwite Shedrack Habakuk, a full time businessman and an ict expert in partnership with Mr. Ezaka peter solomon who is a marketing consultant with many years of experience in real estate business and ICT solutions.

3. What is their mission?
Ans - To create value for all her customers and end users using their tech solutions, thereby giving them an opportunity to create wealth too. 8. what are the products you have?
  • Telecommunication products Vtu and data you can topup 5,312 networks all over the world including our four major networks in Nigeria etc
  • Free School portal: building a free web portal for school in Africa.
  • Business inventory management software for, hotels, hospital, pharmacy, supermarkets, factories, eateries, filling station, church, tellors, rental shops, law firms and your personal business.

9. is their product affordable?
ans: yes of course. not only affordable for members, you get 2% discount when you make use of our services such as phone and data recharge, bill payment dstv, gotv,startimes & waec pin etc,

10. what are the compensation plans?
ans: compensation plans include the eleven ways you earn in ewealth income program and the incentives that you will be given when you accumulate some certain points. shall be discussed later.

12. How do i pay and become a member?
Ans: You can use the online payment system or Pay directly into the company account which is displayed on here...

13. What if i want to upgrade from my package to a higher registration package
ans: upgrading is possible at any time. you simply pay the balance fee for the new package. your points will not wipe, your earnings will not wipe also, only your earnings will increase and shares will change to higher shares. wow!

14. How do i make payment to become a member?
ans: registration with credit card is automatic and will remain the fastest but you can also use other channels like ussd, atm transfer, bank deposit using the company account on our website and send your payment details through

15. How do i get paid when I earn money on the system.
Ans - Withdrawal requests are processed within 48hrs on work days.

16. My friend told me that I will be paid for introducing school to get free website is it True?
ans: yes, You paid #70 per each student exam scratch card generated by the school to check result.

17. what of church, hotel pharmacy supermarket etc as you mention earlier
Ans: Yes, you be paid for referring them to use our service free of charge.

18. Is true that i will be paid each time the person I referred to eWealthConcept recharge their phone, buy data, pay dstv bill, nepa bill, buy waec pin etc?
Ans: yes you will be paid anytime someone you refer did any transaction on our platform and not just the person you referred directly by you, you will be paid for indirect referral upto 10th generation depending the person transaction.

19. How much will i earn for direct and indirect referral
Ans: you will earn 22% on direct referral and 1 to 10% for indirect referral?